INTERVIEW WITH UP PHOTOGRAPHERS, https://upphotographers.com/

ROME PHOTO LAB, Streets of the World, Finalist, Juried group show, https://www.romephotolab.it/en/home/

PORTALS, Juried group show, NYC4PA.com

HER SIDE OF THE STREET, Night Moods, https://medium.com/her-side-of-the-street/night-moods-0b4a2f8a76f5

THE PORTRAIT, Praxis Gallery Minneapolis, MN, May June 15- July 13, 2024, https://www.praxisphotocenter.org/praxis-2024

WOMENINSTREET, SINGAPORE, Juried group show, May 30-July 5, https://www.objectifs.com.sg/

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND, Juried group show, May 7- June 3, 2024, Milan Italy, https://www.thestreetsoup.com/

SATELLITE ART SHOW, JUNE 19-23, 2024, NYC https://www.satellite-show.com/

F-STOP MAGAZINE, Cities 2024 https://www.fstopmagazine.com/groupexhibition.html

LENS MAGAZINE, The Colorful Issue #114, March, 2024

STREETS SANS FRONTIERS/IMAGENATION PARIS 2024, May 24-26, 2024, https://www.imagenation.paris/paris

DOCU MAGAZINE, https://docu-magazine.com/vol-1/danielle-l-goldstein/

22nd JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARDS, Winner, Black and White Series

PARIS STREET PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, Grand winner, Black and White, Street Sport Snap, https://www.streetphotoawards.art/site/winners-gallery/spa-2023/series/black-white/gold-medal

HALF THE SKY, group book publication, https://everythingisephemere.com/products/p/halfthesky

MINIMALIST PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, Honorable Mention, https://minimalistphotographyawards.com/2023/08/21/minimal-city/

EDGE of HUMANITY MAGAZINE, Featured work, https://edgeofhumanity.com/2023/04/27/at-the-water/

THE INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHER, Street Photo Award, Editor’s Pick, https://independent-photo.com/stories/street-photography-award-2023/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=NL3&utm_medium=email

WOMEN STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS, Annual exhibition, 2024


I feel most like myself when behind the camera. Though I am alone, I am at ease in my isolation and energized by my connection to the physical world. As I observe the world through my lens I am able to see things differently. I see beauty in abstract lines and geometric forms. I appreciate the linear definition of space, intersections of lines and shapes, textures creating curves and direction, patterns on buildings, and edges and borders. I try to capture interesting places and moments in time and make them beautiful, but also try to infuse them with the sense of vulnerability and fallibility that I believe is inherent in humanity and nature, as well as man-made forms.